Real life web sensation girl “Nishu Diwan” from Haryana making remarkable print on society

Real life web sensation girl "Nishu Diwan" from Haryana making remarkable print on society

Let me introduce a common girl Nishu Diwan from Mahendragarh,Haryana whose identity is unknown to the world.But at a very small age she has completed that work which others cannot even think to do. Presently she is doing extraordinary work which many of can think to initiate.

I am grateful that i am introducing her to the world who is just doing such a great work.She has recently done her P.G.But 3 years ago she started educating slums children free of cost and her family,neighbour support her.
Real life web sensation girl "Nishu Diwan" from Haryana making remarkable print on society
Nishu Diwan standing right from the man in middle

As recent work she has done…..she celebrated a festival called REPUBLIC DAY ON 26 JAN with not famous personality but with slum children with motto that EACH RELIGION HAS RIGHT TO CELEBRATED IT WITH EVERYONE. No caste, religion obstacle to celebrate it.She has given all the right to those children who has not celebrated it in such a great manner.Though her idea was unique but left with the great message to all “WE SHOULD CELEBRATE THIS FESTIVAL WITH COMMON RELIGION CALLED HINDU“.As we all forget this and we celebrate with garde person like PM,CM etc.This is really a nice way to start a NEW INDIA where all types of people celebrate our festival on one ground.

Real life web sensation girl "Nishu Diwan" from Haryana making remarkable print on society
She is fabulous with her social work, celebrating festival with children.
All the program was organized by her with flag hosting and 14 events which is played by slums children.They was very happy and feeling lucky to celebrate it for the first time in such a proudful manner.She distributed gifts for all the children who has participated in that event.Providing sweets and food to them,such a great happiness was in the face of those slums children which is great success for NISHU..And the program was successfully ended with important message for the society.

About Nishu Diwan family and support

Although she is not alone her family is very supportive her father is farmer in haryana and he must be proud of her.Including her mother her 3 sister and a brother all educate slums children together without fees.At Least 3 years ago she decide to educate poor children who can’t afford study.though it was her childhood fantasy to do something for them.And the slums children all they need is a person who can help them to fulfill their dream.Her sister and brother all together they educate them and provide each and every facility which they can do.Instead of it the local schools ,institute where she goes for help they help her and provide free schooling to them who is capable of it.
Isn’t she is doing such a great work and we should appreciate her.Till date her greatest achievement was she educated a girl (AARTI) who can’t even know how to write her own name but recently she is very fluent in speaking english.
Now i am ending my blog with introducing the girl who shall be known to all of us and her work.WISH HER A GREAT SUCCESS AHEAD.

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