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Your’s favorite youtuber in 2017 and their Earning


Youtube is a platform where one can upload their video regarding any Topics and and Generate revenue for himself as well for Google who operates YouTube. Google gives you as 45 to 55 percent of revenue generated by Youtuber,Because Google don’t charge you for anything like hosting and domain or any database.


Here list of some famous youTuber and their channel views :

BB KI VINES     3,143,858 subscribers), (417,113,984 views), Joined Jun 20, 2015
GEEKYRANJIT     (889,648 subscribers), (194,307,149 views),Joined Jan 6, 2011
TECHNICAL GURU JI   (1,882,809 subscribers), (153,140,396 views),Joined Oct 18, 2015
CARRYMINATI (1,146,350 subscribers) ,(131,001,744 views),Joined Oct 30, 2014
GADGET TO USE   (539,045 subscribers),(108,102,287 views),Joined Mar 29, 2011
SHARMA JI TEHNICAL (445,105 subscribers),(52,563,944 views ),Joined Mar 26, 2008
C4ETECH   (744,864 subscribers),(157,931,385 views),Joined Mar 20, 2007
ANDROID AUTHORITY   (2,635,987 subscribers),(547,336,686 views),Joined Apr 3, 2011
i GYAN     515,681 subscribers),( 103,783,374 views ),Joined Jun 19, 2010
NMF news   (1,209,792 subscribers) , (781,641,254 views ), Joined Oct 21, 2013


We have some list of famous YouTube channel.Always have myth for earning of any Youtuber.Though how much they earn and talked about their glamorous lifestyle.There is atlantic myth of earning base that Is earning depends on subscribers,Is it depends on views BUT somehow it depends on views not subscribers.It’s also depend on viewers from which reason. Here earning of Android authority is about 20 to 30 lacs per month in technical section and BB ki vines  earning APPROX  15 to 20 lacs per month. Now  you can estimate the earning of all youtuber belonging to india ,there is no same figure in foreign countries because there is change in market value of ads.The earning figure is not confined it changes always with market value.

THE winner is NMF news channel from patna bihar.A short story about NMF news owner’s Parmanand khetan,who migrated from patna to new delhi in 2013.To have job but  salaried only  of 6 to 10 k per months after a months he quitted job.Started youTube channel in 2013 but on that time he occasionally go through video upload in youtube but the time came into existence ,when there was election campaign for PRIME MINISTER was going on in full pace then he decided to cover-up all news regarding Narendra modi and Now he became star of youtube. Now a days he and his wife both are running a small company in new delhi on same platform of NMF news.  Total income generated by NHF news around 50 to 60 lakhs per months.


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