Whatsapp New Update : Checkout Your New Whatsapp

Checkout Your Whatsapp update, if you are using Beta version of whatsapp in android “O”.

Whatsapp is most popular app in the world. Over millions of users all over the world getting active every months. whatsapp beaten Imessage on Ios and maintained its rank in messaging app.There are lots of messenger app is available in market but we all have first choice for whatsapp.Apple copied many of important feature from whatsapp.WhatsApp isn’t content to hold still either, as evident by a pretty stellar new feature the app has just introduced.

So checkout what’s a new big feature ?

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Basically it’s a picture-in-picture mode that you can use during your video calls.Now whatsapp using the feature of skype, like skype you using minimize screen feature, now you would be able to use same feature in your whatsapp.While it’s not a massive game changer, it’s still a pretty useful addition.Now its only available in beta version of android O .and only for the select few using the Android O Dev Preview. That means only few members from the huge user of whatsapp would use this feature.

The reason for the Android O Dev Preview exclusivity is that the feature is made possible thanks to a new API included in Android O, which unfortunately few user from android O user can use this feature.Now should have wait for official update to use this feature. 

If You don’t have that patient to wait for official update then you can switch to beta version to enjoy the latest updated feature.

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