Vitamin Helping For Skin Cancer, Let’s Know About Vitamin


According to scientists, the therapy used in the form of vitamin B3 may possibly reduce the risk of cancer of malignant skin called melanoma. These scientists also include a scientist of Indian origin.

Researchers from Sydney University of Australia found that nicotinamide, can help reduce the decreasing disease-resistant capacity and reversing it due to damage caused by DNA, swelling and ultraviolet radiation. The researchers said that on the advice of the doctor, every day one gram nicotinamide consumes 10 US dollars per month.

He said that random placebo controlled testing is now necessary to determine its efficiency and safety for the prevention of melanoma.

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UV radiation causes DNA damage in melanocytes. Researchers have pointed out that nicotinamide fixes B1 DNA damage, regulates the swelling caused by UVR and reduces the decline in immunity from UV rays.

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