See Photo : Geeta basra cooking food on chulha(stove),People trolling for her sandal

See Photo : Geeta basra cooking food on chulha(stove),People trolling for her sandal

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Model and actress Geeta Basra have made distances from films after marriage to Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh but he is still connected to the fans through social media. Geeta often keeps posting beautiful pictures on social media with daughter Hinaya and Harbhajan. In this episode, Geeta posted a picture in which she was sitting in front of the stove and pausing. While posting this photo, Geeta has written in the caption, “Fun Pind Da”.


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These pictures of Geeta are not tired of praising fans like and comment box. There is no shortage of such users who are trolling Geeta about this picture. An Instagram account user wrote, Sandal, sandal also in front of the stove in the kitchen. At the same time a user wrote, Jalandhar body is not. Please respect. A user commented and said, you come to burn the fireplace …

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Talking about the picture, the Geeta is wearing a green suit in which she looks very beautiful. But wearing a sandal in front of the chulhas, Geeta has become very expensive. Along with that, Geeta has posted another photo with Harbhajan Singh, who are all very much liked.

Geeta Basra married Harbhajan Singh after 7 years of dating, in year 2015. After this, in July 2016, he gave birth to daughter Hinaya. This star couple likes fancy, the same Geeta also keeps everyone updated through pictures on social media. Seeing the Instagram account of Geeta Basra, the whole of the whole is buzzing with his beautiful pictures.

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