Valentine’s Day 2018 : You can make your face glow by just applying these following steps

Valentine's Day 2018 : You can make your face glow by just applying these following steps

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Valentine’s Day is about to come. On this day, girls are now ready for preparations to look beautiful. You will be thinking about all the beauty tips and tricks for Valentine’s Day to be the most beautiful in front of your partner. You can also add these tips from Beauty Expert Shahnaz Husain to this list.

#Make a mixture of cream and turmeric on this day and place it on the face. Wash the face with fresh water after 10 minutes. This will clear your skin and return to your face.

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#To make the face shades, make a face pack of gram flour, gram flour and turmeric and apply it daily. This will clear the skin and the face will bloom.

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#Immerse the cotton pad in the rose water and keep it free. First wash the face and then massage the face with this same cotton. This ‘pick me up’ face mask will make your skin clean and bright.

#Mix white eggs in the honey and put it on the face. Wash with fresh clean water after 20 minutes. If your skin is too dry, then add yellow egg yolk (egg) and a little milk to honey. After cleaning the face, press the skin with the help of the soaked Cotton Wool in rose water.

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#Use facial scrub. It removes dead cells from the skin, causing skin glow. Combine nut powder, one teaspoon honey and one teaspoon curd to make facial scrub. Let this paste stay on face for some time, after which, massage with the face lightly. Wash with clean water afterwards.

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#Add dried and grilled hard leaves to the face peck. This increases the brightness of the face. Make a paste by mixing two spoons of brinjal, two spoonfuls of rose water and one spoon of curd in hard leaves. Put it on the face except the eyes and lips. Wash the face after half an hour.

#Fruit pack is very helpful for increasing facial glow. Grind apples and mix them in the pulp and bananas of ripe papaya. It can also add curd or lemon juice. Keep this paste in the face for half an hour and wash it later with water.

#Mix the Mulani clay for oily skin and mix it in rose water and apply it on the face. Wash it half dry. From this paste, face accessory oil will be finished and glow.

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