If You Using USB, Be Careful, Hackers Can Access Information

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Melbourne : The most common interfaces used on a global scale to connect the external devices to the computer – the notifications can come out from USB connections. It was more vulnerable than what was thought about it. This has been revealed in a study. Researchers at University of Adelaide, Australia, tested on 50 different computers and external USB hubs and found that 90 percent of them leaked and leaked into the external USB device.

Research Associate Yuval Yarom said that the devices connected to the USB include the keyboard, card swiper and fingerprint readers, which often send sensitive information to the computer. It is believed that these notifications are sent only to devices connected directly to the computer, then it is protected from other potentially risky devices But our research shows that if a virus is a device or a malformed device, then it is in the same port of the same external or internal USB hub, then these sensitive information can be obtained.

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He said, ‘This means that keystrokes that show passwords or other personal information can be easily stolen.’ He said that the solution is to make them more secure for USB connections to be made again.

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