Tips to Record Better Makeup and Beauty Tutorials

Tips to Record Better Makeup and Beauty Tutorials

Tips to Record Better Makeup and Beauty Tutorials

Thinking about creating a makeup tutorial, or maybe just sharing your skincare routine or other beauty tips? Although many makeup and beauty tutorials look very impromptu there is often a lot of preparation that goes into recording them so that they look as flawless as they do.

In particular, the next time you want to record a makeup or beauty tutorial, you should try some of these tips out:


  • Make sure the lighting is good

Lighting is crucial for makeup and beauty tutorials to help ensure that colors are reproduced well and make you look great at the same time. The key is to make sure there is plenty of soft light when you’re recording.


Two of the types of lighting solutions that are popular for makeup and beauty tutorials are a softbox or ring light. If you want you could use natural light from a large open window as well, but that can be unpredictable.


  • Decide between a clean or cluttered background

It is a good idea to always record your tutorials in the same spot, to establish a familiar setting. However, you do have a choice to make between keeping the background clean or including some clutter.


A clean background looks a bit more professional and puts the focus directly on you and the products you’re talking about. On the other hand, adding a bit of clutter can showcase your personality, and create a unique atmosphere.


If you do have some clutter make sure it is organized so that your video still looks professional as well.


  • Script your video beforehand

Writing a script is essential for any tutorial as it will let you structure it carefully. That way when you eventually do record you don’t end up struggling to figure out what to say and then having to cut it extensively later on.

It may even help to run through your script in a test recording to make sure it is as good as it looks on paper.


  • Record with high-quality settings

While you could get by with any decent video camera, you should try to make sure it is set up to record high-quality videos. Mainly you will want to make sure that you’re recording in 1080p Full HD and with a frame rate of at least 30 (possibly 60 if you want the video to look really smooth).


Make no mistake you will probably need to edit your video afterward and tidy up parts of it or make small alterations – so you will need a video editor as well. For example, you could use Movavi Video Editor and the instructions at may help you get started.


All said and done recording great makeup and beauty tutorials isn’t that difficult if you pay attention to the areas described above. In fact, why not go ahead right now and try to start recording one – or at very least planning for the next tutorial that you’re going to record.

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