Sonu Nigam announced that he’s quitting Twitter

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Abhijit bhattacharya’s colleague sonu nigam has announced that the buddy sonu nigam quitting Twitter because he feel alone in war and everyone is angry.

Sonu nigam tweeted on tuesday by requesting his supporters and critics not to fuel the controversy triggered by his ” Azan”  tweet where he expressed himself what he feel about loudspeaker not only in Azan. He also express about temple’s bhajan ,marriage party and if you sum up his tweet then its only about loudspeaker.

” Guys, in favour of me and in opposition, let’s agree to agree and agree to disagree. No need to fuel this anymore. look ahead and move on.  prayers (sic)”, sonu tweeted.

And now he decided to move on by quitting twitter and today’s he tweeted back to back …lets see


Someone one blessing me on other  hand wishing death upon you and even young girls and boys were doing same that’s he felt ridiculous.

sonu Nigam agree he don’t belong to any religion , he accept good things from every religion . that’s  really good things for community as well for mature culture.



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