This Ring Is Amazing,Which Controls Smartphone

This Ring is Amazing,Apart from Ring is everything in today’s modern era.

The Ring is just awesome for those who are disabled and those who are very lazy to use the gadget in manual mode. Keeping in mind the comfort of the Divya tech startup Origami Labs has created a ring that allows the smartphone to be controlled. It is beneficial for those who are hearing or seeing difficulties. With the help of this ring, the smartphone will be able to control the hands-free manner.


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Ever Seen such Gadget in Our life :

As you are watching this image, Here a man wearing a ring is not a common ring,Its electronic ring through which you would be able to access your smartphone as well electronic device compatible with ring. According to TechCrunch’s news, the name of this ring is ‘ORII’. This ring gives users the ability to control smartphone through voice commands using Bluetooth connectivity. You can make call through the ring.Messages can be sent. Not only this, post on social media can also be shared and much more can be done.This ring-fund-funding platform is available at at $ 99 (about Rs 6,382). This device works on bone conduction technology, so that the user can listen to the playback of music, video or call in the mobile just by keeping the fingers above the ears.

According to report,ORII works directly with the Virtual Assistant Siri and Google Assistant to give Android hands and hands free control on Android and ios on the ios. At the same time apps with it send custom alerts via LED lights and vibration.This is today’s fancy gadget in the era of 2017. Once you will became used to, You can’t be forget to own it in your daily use.


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