Priyanka chopra looking extreme hot in red dress with black sun glass

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Priyanka chopra looking extreme hot in red dress with black sun glass

Bollywood desi girl priyanka chopra painting the town with red. We can say in very fluent way how priyanka chopra wearing red costume and smoking looks of priyanka chopra  will make you crazy for her. She spotted strutting down Manhattan streets, fashion girl seeking all atension after putting her best fashion foot forward.

She dress well and looking hot tomato with Alejandro Alonso Rojas pantsuit. Her looks ready to win all the indian as well foreign hearts from every corner of the world. She was spotted on the road while she was going for the promotion of her latest american Tv show.

The desi actress, Who has given deep print over the hollywood as well in indian cinema. There was rumor in india that her hollywood career going to finish but after watching her such confidence in Vivienne Westwood jacket, red Christian Louboutin heels and her gorgeous look with black hair and glossy lips and zero figure.

She also wore matching over jacket and holding classic black bag. she was looking extreme hot in black sunglass. She was poured with fashion stuff. Looking seems as she going to marriage ceremony. her choice of fashion is outstanding. She also talked about the royal wedding on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.


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