One plus 5T leaked feature before launch, which will be launching on November 16

New news is coming out on November 1, which will be launching on November 16.

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New news is coming out on November 1, Now which will be launching on November 16.

The company is sharing the OnePlus 5T teaser on social media with full loud noise. Along with this, some of the features of this special offer of the company have already been highlighted for those who want it.

An exclusive non local photo gallery has come up on this unique one-of-a-kind smartphone. The most important thing in this unboxing photo gallery is to know that OnePlus 5T will actually come with a design like ROS.

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It is already clear before the release of the phone that like any other phone, there is a 18: 9 ratio in the OnePlus 5T as well as the Aztec Bezel-Less screen.

Several media reports about this smartphone have also been claimed that the design of the OnePlus 5T smartphone may be like the recently launched Oppo R11. Where oneplus 5, 0.5 mm was diluted. There are speculations about this phone that the OnePlus 5T can also be 0.5mm thin.

Earlier, some leaked reports claimed that the OnePlus 5T smartphone would have a front camera of 20 megapixels. At the same time, it was also said that the OnePlus 5T Wireless charging facility could be leased, but in the unboxing photo gallery it is clear that there is no hope of any such facility in the phone. .

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