Oldest Man Of The World Died Today

Jerusalem: Aili Media reported that in the Guinness World Record last year, its name was recorded as the oldest person in the world, Israel’s Yisrael Crystal died at the age of 113 on Friday.

Next month, Yisrael was going to be 114 years old, but he passed away 1 month ago. According to media reports, his family has two sons, nine grandchildren and 32 grandchildren. In March 2016, he was named as the world’s oldest person on the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Crystal was born in 1903 in Jarev village, 90 miles southwest of Warsaw. Crystal lost his parents in the First World War. After this he moved to Lodz. Here, after the Nazis invasion in 1939, his family was taken to the Jewish settlement in Lodz. Crystal’s wife was also murdered in Auschwitz. In 1950, he had gone to Israel with his second wife and his children.

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