Ohh Yeah…Mark zuckerberg is running for President ???

Mark zuckerberg’s presidential aspirations of a certain sort of thing is happening more and more starting to embark. With careful eyes viewers who noticed that mark zuckerberg has secured Silicon Valley bubble us tour and to meet people in swing States left – surely a potentially running for President operation in addition, 99% of its stock sold by zuckerberg and forty five billion dollars in earnings to charity. Share your interests yourself? The collective Act of charity? Maybe, maybe … But mark zuckerberg has Obama and Hillary Clinton campaign posted on its Board Tester Joel bostonian after things turn even more solid.

It is believed that the zuckerberg to advise on those charity things that billionaire, but other evidence, it seems that zuckerberg is planning to run for President, right? In 2008 Obama campaign manager David same keyboards plaf and Ken mehlman, who in George w. Bush’s 2004 reelection campaign.

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Or maybe that’s just for people to help them enroll. But it’s still very strange! And as a person, that is, all our personal information he can strangely strange power is great! Man, I hope that the choice of mark zuckerberg 2020 and Donald Trump is not between…….


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