Do Not Make India Into ” Hindu Muslim ” :- Sitaram Yechury

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New Delhi: While underscoring the dangers of communalism, CPI (M) leader Sitaram Yechury warned on the need for the creation of India as a ‘secular democracy’, while warning India not to become ‘Hindu Pakistan’. That is the 75th anniversary of the Quit India Movement. Speaking during special discussion in the Rajya Sabha on the occasion.

He said that the painful development of the country’s independence is also connected.He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that quit India communalism. The question is, “Are we doing something for this?” He spoke some lines related to communal harmony, saying that ‘Hindu Pakistan’ should not be made.

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The CPI (M) leader recalled the contribution of many communist leaders against the British rule. He said that many of the people locked in Cellular Jail were from Bengal and Punjab.Yechuri said that no attempt should be taken to grab the freedom movement.

He said that two Communist leaders – a Maulana and a Swami in 1921 presented the proposal of full Swaraj in the meeting of the Indian National Congress. Quit India Movement is associated with common people and is a common heritage.


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