Nitish Now In Preparation For The New Innings With The NDA

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Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, in the end of July, had taken a decision to form a new government in the middle of the Maha coalition, joining hands with the BJP again. With the break up of less than two years with RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav, Nitish Kumar’s decision to form a new government with the BJP became the subject of discussion for all. On the decision of Nitish Kumar, along with RJD Khemka, some of the prominent leaders of JDU registered their protest while lodging the objection.

In this episode, former National President of JD (U) Sharad Yadav and Rajya Sabha member Ali Anwar were among the prominent leaders of the party who expressed their displeasure over Nitish Kumar’s decision. In view of the upheaval, JD (U) has started the proceedings after Sharad Yadav after Ali Anwar and has removed him from the post of party leader in the Rajya Sabha. Now the discussion is that Nitish Kumar is preparing to play with the NDA in the new innings at the center.

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Amit Shah invited to join NDA :

BJP President Amit Shah has invited Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to join the NDA. Shah said in the tweet that I got JDU chairman Nitish Kumar at his residence on Friday. I have invited JDU to join the NDA. It is likely that JDU will approve the proposal to join the NDA in its National Executive meeting in Patna on August 19.

JDU to announce NDA joining on Aug 19 :

JDU will formally announce the formal announcement of joining the NDA in the National Executive held on 19th August in Patna. JDU spokesperson Casey Tyagi said on Saturday that the party will approve this proposal in the meeting in Patna. He said, Jaitu National Executive will be chaired by party chief Nitish Kumar.During this, formal announcement of joining the NDA will be announced. Sources said that JDU could join the government in the event of a reshuffle in Modi Cabinet. On the question of joining the central government, K.C. Tyagi said, “When we are together in the Bihar government, it is natural that the party will also be involved in the central government.”

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Nitish has been decided to play a big role ?

Asserting that JD (U) has submitted the letter to Rajya Sabha Speaker Venkaiah Naidu, it will be said that in the Rajya Sabha, now Sharad Yadav will not be its leader, RCP Singh will be responsible for this responsibility. RCP Singh is a highly trusted political ally of Nitish Kumar. After the two incidents, the debate has begun. Has Nitish Kumar’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah fixed a major role in the National Democratic Alliance..

Discussion of NDA convenor

It is a discussion that Nitish can be made the convener of NDA. It is also interesting to note that the responsibility of the organizer in the earlier version of the NDA has always been the leader of JDU or its earlier version Samata Party. In the Vajpayee era, George Fernandes was playing this role. After his era, when Advani was made the NDA’s prime ministerial candidate and president, Sharad Yadav was made its convener.

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Nitish Kumar is silent on this matter

Right now Nitish Kumar has not opened his cards on this whole issue but it is understood that on August 19 this year, when JD (U) will be in his chairmanship in Patna, he will take the opinion of his leaders and it is possible that this But they can take a clear and sound decision too. A proposal for joining the NDA and becoming a convener in the executive will be considered. However, Nitish Kumar’s political style has been such,In which they maintain their central role. Two years ago, when he contested the elections with the RJD and Congress, he did not make it the Bihar unit of the UPA, but named it the Maha Sanghbandhana. In such a situation, it will be difficult to decide on what Amit Shah’s proposal is? At present, the JDU-NDA government is operating in Bihar, whose leader is Nitish Kumar.

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