Nitish Kumar Praised PM Narendra Modi’s Fiercely, what did he say?

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BIHAR : After separation from the alliance in Bihar, CM Nitish Kumar on Monday answered all the questions on the target of some of his own party leaders on the decision to form a government with BJP. Where many opposition leaders are strongly criticizing the coalition of BJP led by PM Modi. Nitish praised PM Modi.He said till date that there is no one in the whole country who can compete with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at this time. Not only that, he also said that Modi’s magic will be played across the country in future elections too. Significantly, after Modi took oath for the sixth time in the form of CM of Bihar, PM Modi had immediately congratulated Nitish Kumar.

Nitish Kumar said about the alliance with BJP that it was not already fixed and they had to go with him forcefully. Because there was no way left in front of them. For this he directly attributed Lalu Yadav and RJD. Nitish warned the opposition saying that there is no capacity for anyone to fight PM Modi and in 2019 Delhi can not sit anywhere except Modi. Nitish defended his decision saying that his coalition with BJP is as a partner, not as a follower.It means he declare that he will not support BJP in any all condition blindly but he also said he will support him related to BJP alliance.

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While praising the surgical strike by the Modi government of the central government, the Nitish Kumar said that we had praised it. He said that we also supported the ban on the central government’s ban on the part of many parties. He said that we have supported the Center in many cases even though we are separate from the NDA.

I was joked :

Nitish Kumar, who came against the Opposition parties after forming an alliance with BJP, said that during the allegations of stinging Yadav, I told him that if you do not clean me on the whole issue before the public, But on this, mis-news was spread in the media about me. Not only that, I wanted to know the truth and I was just joking.

I was forced :

This step has been taken after much deliberation at the party’s meeting. People of my party said that you do not withdraw from your policy. I endorsed every kind of RJD allegations, in the end I took this step. He said that on secularism I do not need anyone’s certificate. In the previous government with BJP, did a lot of work for the welfare of minorities.


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