The life of the fast bowler Ashish Nehra, who is going to play the last match of his career in Delhi on Feroze Shah Kotla ground in Delhi, is as exciting as his life, even in private life outside the field, his life is very interesting. Nehra was married to Gujarati poet Rushma in the year 2009. Although he was married to Love Less Arrange, you will be surprised knowing that the story of his marriage is very interesting.

Nehra's wonderful story of marriage, will be surprised to know
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Nehra and Rushma’s first meeting also took place in India’s tour of England in 2002. Rushma Oval came to watch cricket on the ground. After that, love flows between the two. Both stayed in the relationship for 7 years. After this one day suddenly Nehra’s marriage came to the marriage. Nehra has revealed an interesting story of her marriage in an interview given a few months ago.

Nehra, while describing her interesting story of marriage, said that her marriage was very hasty and marriage plans were made just a week before marriage. Nehra wanted to get married on April 1, but one of his friends stopped him saying that people will feel that you are making April fool. So they had to change their plans. On March 23, 2009, I was sitting with some of my friends. In the meantime, the plan for marriage was done by talking.

When he told his friend that I was thinking of getting married, the friend asked me the date of marriage! I said it on April 1. On hearing the date the friend replied, you have 1 year 7 days of it. But Nehra made it clear that she had to marry after seven days. A week later, after listening to the marriage, the friend remained shocked and said, ‘We are not talking about a birthday, talking about marriage. After this Nehra said yes, even I am talking about marriage. In this way marriage plans are made.

But after this Nehra told girlfriends Rushma about the marriage plan, then she felt that she was saying this into drunkenness. But the next day, ie 24 March, Nehra told them the same thing again in the morning and they were convinced. After this, on March 26, Rushma reached Delhi with her mother. All the people of the family have come 28-29. On March 30, the hotel was functioning and married on 2 April.

Nehra's wonderful story of marriage, will be surprised to know
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Nehra told in the interview that his wife had a lot of cricket understanding. He also said in a funny way that he could take up the field. Nehra also told that he does not talk to his wife about cricket. Varna tells them where I had thrown the wrong ball. Nehru’s marriage was proven to be the second Anniversary Lucky and Team India captured the World Cup on April 2, 2011, 28 years later. 8 years have passed since Nehra’s marriage Their two children are Ariana and Aarushi.

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