Nehra speaks :- MS Dhoni and Ajay Jadeja are cricket's biggest genius

Nehra speaks :- MS Dhoni and Ajay Jadeja are cricket’s biggest genius

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Ashish Nehra feels that MS Dhoni and Ajay Jadeja are genius in terms of cricket’s understanding. Nehra, who played 163 international matches in his twenty-year career, has not lost the energy 12 times despite the operation. Nehra said before his last international match against New Zealand on November 1, “My 20 years have been very exciting. I am not very emotional. I am waiting for the next 20 years. Hopefully this will be as exciting as it has been in the last 20 years when I started playing for Delhi in 1997.

According to PTI, Nehra said, “It is a great journey. Be the only one. If I have to change something in these 20 years, then the 2003 World Cup final in Johannesburg, but it’s all about luck. “

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Nehra, who started the journey from Delhi’s Sonnet Club, said, “In my first Ranji match on Kotla, there were late Raman Lamba, Ajay Sharma, Atul Vasan and Rabin Singh Jr in the Delhi team.” Nehra said, “After seeing Raman Bhaiya and Ajay Bhaiya, I learned to bowl. In my first Ranji match, I landed as a third bowler and in both innings, Ajay Jadeja was dismissed out on zero. “

He said, “In my eyes, Ajay Jadeja and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are geniuses in terms of cricket.” Nehra, who performed well in the time of John Wright’s round, saw a bad round of Greg Chappell’s coach and then returned to Gary Kirsten’s era. And finally, Ravi Shastri was the coach. Nehra said, “I did not play much with Greg Chappell in 2005 except for two series. I knew from the first series that this Biryani Khichdi is going to be under Greg’s underwear. He said, “Gary was the best coach. He talked about strategy on the field with MS but did not interfere in MS’s work. I still believe that Chapel proved to be a good coach for juniors. ‘

For Virat Kohli, he called Shastri an ideal coach. He said, “Virat is at such a stage that he needs no knowledge and no cooperation that Ravi is giving him. The best thing about Ravi is that if a player is battling a bad phase, then he stands with him. Nehra said, “Even if he is not playing well on the net, he will assure him that he is a batsman like Brian Lara. The outsider may find it strange, but those who understand cricket know that it is human management.

Asked if he would like to be the bowling coach of the Indian team, he said, “There is no intention now. Coaching and commentary, but talking about the Indian team, there is no such intention till the 2019 World Cup. Then see what happens.

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