Kaalakaandi -One night and three stories connection, :Real film review

Kaalakaandi -One night and three stories connection, :Real film review

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Black comedy is rarely made here in us. But, the treatment of black comedy counts equally, as much as commercial film. Screenplay writer budding director Akshat Verma’s film, ‘Kaalakaandi‘ is a similar film. The film came with a star like Saif Ali Khan, was very curious about the film.

The film’s story runs at three levels. An attempt has been made to say how a night story of Mumbai influences the different sections of the society. On one side, Reelin (Saif Ali Khan) is a simple person. Who has not done any kind of intoxication in life, there is no such thing which affects his credentials, and one day he suddenly knows that he is suffering from cancer. He is suffering and he has only a few days left! In such a way, when he returns home, his younger brother Angad (Akshay Oberoi) is undergoing a marriage function. For the first time in life, Reelin takes intoxication and takes drugs.

The younger brother reaches the hotel with some excuse to meet his girlfriends and comes out from there because of her husband’s husband’s arrival. Both brothers are wandering on the streets. Meanwhile, Rilin gets a transgender. Kunal Roy Kapoor is confused about Shobhita love while she loves him a lot. Shobhita is going to America to PhD. Meanwhile, both of them arrive at a restaurant in their friend’s birthday party. Where drugs are being used in addition to alcohol, and this is where the police gets red.

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The third story is of Deepak Dobriyal and Vijay Raj. It is the penter of both the underworld, whose work is to raise money. Making plans of how to cut crores of rupees of ransom, they are wandering on both roads.

Kaalakaandi -One night and three stories connection, :Real film review
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The film has been played in ‘Kaalakaandi’, to show how the relationship between each of these three stories is interlinked and what is the difference between different sections of society in one night.

Talking at the level of acting, this film is completely Saif Ali Khan’s movie. He has given a very spectacular performance. His look is also exciting. Deepak Dobriyal also appears in his role. Akshay Oberoi is very precise in the role of a confused lover.

Along with the goodies, the flaw in the film is that the screenplay of the film is scattered and scattered. Some scenes have been kept unnecessary. There is a lack of harmony in different roles. Also, some scenes have been attempted to force humor into force. The use of English in the film has been quite done, so it can be a bit difficult to understand this film for a common audience.

Film review : 3*/5

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