Honest Review : Kajol's Movie Helicopter Eela Review, Read Before Going Theatre

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Honest Review : Kajol’s Movie Helicopter Eela Review, Read Before Going Theatre

Kajol’s film ongoing movie Helicopter Eela. The primary subject of the film is that when you are not the manikin of the best gave, at that point your mom’s manikin is. A solitary parent is Mamma ‘Eela’, who overlooks all her profession vocations to bring up her youngster ‘Vihan’. The narrative of this film is the plot of this film. Kajol’s Movie Helicopter Eela Review, Read Before Going Theatre.

Numerous ladies will feel associated with the tale of Kajol’s helicopter Eela, despite the fact that the film expected to fix more. Eela Raitturkar (Kajol) is a single parent. Her child Vivan (Riddhi Sen) is an undergrad. Vivan’s mom dependably takes a gander at her, so she feels humiliated.

Honest Review : Kajol's Movie Helicopter Eela Review, Read Before Going Theatre
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Before continuing, suppose that helicopter guardians are called the individuals who care about their youngsters’ life and encounters. Eela is such a single parent. She thinks back Vivan to her tin (Tiffin), requesting that Vivan keep her wireless aside and invest more energy, does not like Vivan’s protection and with no delay goes into her room, shroud the discussion on her telephone. He tunes in.

At the point when Vivah hollers at her conduct, she joins her school on the appearance of finishing her examinations. At the point when Eela Vivah goes looking for alternatives to watch out for her, at that point Vivan needs to ‘lose his space’, bringing about pressure in both the connections.

Public Reaction about Helicopter Eela

Key Note About The Film: Helicopter Eela

Ella, a mother, is seen walking around the halls of the school. Kajol is in a gigantic frame. Holds the crowd in their battle. Be that as it may, in numerous spots it appears to be unlawful.

Riddhi Sen (20) is a national honor winning performer and he has an effect as Vivan. They are all around carried on in a young fellow’s psychological stroke, going through puberty. Very reasonable, some of the time more energetic and emotional. Much the same as her single parent, Vivan demands to satisfy the fantasy of her music (on her mom). The energy among mother and child makes the film unmistakable to the essayist in spite of its shortcoming. When they go through the good and bad times of feelings, at that point we get the opportunity to see the minutes that touch the heart.

Helicopter Ella is based on  Gandhi’s Gujarati drama ‘Beta Kadodo’. Plays in Neha Dhupia College are in the role of director. When someone does not sing in anticipation, he gets angry immediately. However, despite his behavior, he supports Ella. The script of the film is somewhat faint, yet there are some scenes that are successful in winning your heart. Its credit goes to Kajol. The more time on the screen is the same and draws your attention.

Star Cast / Review / Director / Producer

Star Cast: Kajol, Riddhi Sen, Tota Roy Chaudhary, Neha Dhupia, Mukesh Rishi

Director: Pradeep Sarkar

ProducerAjay DevganJayantilal GadaDhaval GadaAkshay Gada

Review: 2.5/5



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