‘Modi ka khajana’ is available in five rupees at tea stall in Gujarat

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Although there is tremendous popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi across the country, but in his home state of Gujarat this name has a different magic. Its different colors keep coming out. The popularity of PM Modi in Mehsana can be related to the fact that there is a picture of crunches and snacks packets on them.

The pack of snacks is written on ‘Modi’ khajana’. Along with Prime Minister Modi, a new note of two thousand and 500 and a picture of Parliament building has also been made. ‘Modi’s magic’ is written on the other side of the packet. The price of a packet is five rupees. Its buyers are specially children.

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On the second pack of similar snacks, a picture of Motu-Patalu, Bahubali, Salman Khan etc. was also seen. Obviously this picture draws attention to the picture of Narendra Modi separately. When asked about this, the shopkeepers selling it said that children have a lot of interest in ‘Modi ka khajana’. How is the impact of the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Gujarat, it is an interesting glimpse. However, this popularity can not be considered as a criterion for voting in elections.

Modi's one of the famous cartoon
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Let me tell you that there was a rally of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Monday in Mehsana city.

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