Mobile Headphones Not Working : Don’t worry, Take these steps

Sometimes it happens that your new smartphone’s headphone jack is not working.If you get worried about buying a new smartphone then what will you do?

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Which has to go to the shop to fix you. If you are also facing such a problem then you can also fix your smartphone jack sitting at home.This is very common problem belonging to everyone, It’s very often You get problem in your headphone jack while you purchase a new Phone.

How you will make it okay By following steps :-

  • For this, first check if your smartphone’s headphones are broken. To check headphones, try using your headphones in any 3.5mm jack. You will know about headphones.
  • Many times it happens that your smartphone is connected to the speaker and Bluetooth from any other device, which you do not know about. So first of all check that your smartphone does not connect via Bluetooth to any device.
  • Many users are not aware that going to dust and dirt in headphone jack can also be a problem. So always keep the headphone jack clean. After which headphone jack will start working.
  • Audio Jack does not work too often due to phone setting settings. For this, check the phone’s settings and open the audio and see its volume, whether the sound is less or mute. If this still does not work then restart the phone once.
  • If the phone’s headphone jack is not good enough to follow these tips, then it would be better if you take the phone to any repair store that the phone is shown in the service center.
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