Meet The Upcoming President’s Daughter ,Who Never Gave The Introduction of The Father

Meet swati,Upcoming President's daughter.

Meet Swati,Upcoming president’s daughter, Who never said anything about father Ramnath kovind.She is down to earth.

Ramnath Kovind will take oath of the country’s 14th President on Tuesday. Kovind will be the second Dalit President of the country. Ramnath Kovind, the wealthy person of ordinary life and skilled personality, has also been the Governor of Bihar. In nearly 26 years of public life, Covind made a distinct identity with his calm nature and conscientiousness. These qualities are also seen in the members of their family.

Ramnath Kovind has his wife and two children in life. Her daughter Swati is employed in Air India as Air Hostess. According to media sources, Swati has not used his father’s position and prestige till date for his own sake.

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Lets know about special things related to Ramnath Kovind’s daughter :

  • Swati is employed in Air India Boeing 777 and 787 aircraft flying on long routes like Australia, Europe and US.

  • The special thing is that Swati’s father Ramnath Kovind is not aware that his crew did not even know that his colleagues do not even know that he is the daughter of the President.
  • Swati applied for live leave in the past, even then he did not say that he was taking leave for his father’s presidential election.
  • In his official record, mother’s name Savita and father’s name RN Kovind have been written.
  • Swati’s Mama Yani Ramnath Kovind’s brother-in-law, Se Shekhar Airline has retired shortly as an in-flight supervisor.
  • When asked to Swati why he hid his identity, since his childhood, the father has learned to become self-sufficient.
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