How to make money with 8 different genuine way : NO chance of scam

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|| BE your own boss || No scam || Results are awesome || No investment || Instant job ||

Today’s era we all wish to work in such environment where nobody is boss ,Be your own boss .The ratio of unemployment rising day by day and most of the people get tired while searching day to day Job.

Internet plays vital role while providing job for housewife, old age, Disable person with good sense and those who aren’t wish to work offline world.

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Truth about online Job :-

Most of the people often get disappointed while working online work.They join any program with passion.After spending important time on internet and they work harder too but at last they got scam and became frustrated.

BUT today i will deal with some website where you can work fearless and earn money a lot with your labour. If someone wish to earn money in sec that really doesn’t exist but people often go for.

Internet Marketing
There are almost different way to monetize money on Internet..

People who don’t have better skill they may target these website, where you have to just click ads,click on captcha, gives a review of given product that all .you may work here for an hours and earn rupee 200-300 per day.

1. Micro jobs : (Ads view,Survey,sign up, Share,tweet,comment etc)  :-(Amazon mechanical turk,Microworker,Crowddelower,Rapid worker,Short task)

  1. Social media :
  2. : 
  3. :
  4. :
  5. :
  6. :

People who love to teach and they having skills of teaching. would go for site, where they will teach online to the students and they can make money like rupee 300-500 per day.

  1. Teacher :

Apart from these all online jobs, there are two main best platform to build money online that is Blogging and Youtube.




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