How to apply onion Juice in your hair, Home remedies for hair loss

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How to apply onion Juice in your hair, Home remedies for hair loss

If you are fighting with hair loss problem then this will surely help you with just one solution


The food habit of now a days led to many problems relating to health such as hair loss this is one of the major problem which is suffered at least 90 people out of 100. We can say this problem as universal problem and which cannot improved but we always try to get the result and at last we find nothing. But this method will improve your hair problems just you have to use only one ingredients and result will surprise you.

The miracle ingredient is ONION JUICE. Yes the onion juice will help you to increase volume in the hair, will decrease hair fall problem and helps in hair growth. Many people applying it and getting very good result in one or two months. 

How to apply onion juice in hair :

You just have to extract onion juice from onion and take the juice in a bowl. Apply this juice on your scalp using your finger tip and give a massage to your hair this will increase blood circulation and helps in hair growth. Now leave your hair for about one hour and rinse it off with cold water and shampoo. You can apply this juice at least twice for two months for better result.
You can also use vitamin E oil in this juice solution for extra benefit. Vitamin E oil is also a good solution for hair problems.
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Benefits :
  • This juice solution will increase volume in your hair
  • Onion juice will provide your hair with a good shine in the hair.
  • The onion have natural antioxidants which helps to prevent from greying.
  • Due to anti-bacterial agents present in onion will help to fight from infection.
  • This solution will give you good and natural conditioner.
  • They also make your hair free from lice.
  • They can be used to fight from dandruff.
  • This will also increase blood circulation which in another way for hair growth.
  • This solution will help to bring back lost nutrients from your scalp.
After knowing the amazing benefits of onion everyone who is fighting will hair problem must try this onion juice solution for two months to get the benefits of onion juice for the hair care.


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