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Lifestyle Hack : Beauty benefits of rice water for skin and hair

In ancient times rice water is used as natural ingredients as cloth starch for fiber which keeps your cloth longer. Instead of this rice water is also used for beauty tips. So next time when you make rice don’t throw water because this is cheapest way to get fair skin tone and increase volume to the hair. 

Rice water has numbers of vitamins and minerals which are excellent for both skin and hair. This is traditionally used by females in China, Japan and in southeast Asian cultures. Today i am going you to tell some secret how to use rice water for glowing skin and hair growth. This are one of the best and most simplest method to make it. Beauty benefits of rice water for skin and hair.
Lifestyle Hack : Beauty benefits of rice water for skin and hair
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How to make rice water : 

It is very simple method you can use or make this any time and store it for about 10-15 days in refrigerator. And whenever you need it you can use it.
Firstly we all now how to cook rice. Take a bowl add half litre of water in it and 1/4 cup of rice cook it well and after that stain out all remaining water from that rice. Now let the water to be cool and then tranfer it into container. Keep this in refrigerator and use it when you want to use it.
How to use rice water for skin : 
This is one of the simple method to get glowing skin naturally. You can use it as toner and cleanser. It is good for sunburn areas and prevent from acne problem. 
Take a cotton pad and dip it into rice water squeeze extra water and now apply that into you face and hands. Leave this about for 20 minutes then wash it with cold water. The result will be seen from first use only. 
How to use rice water for hair :
Rice water acts as natural conditioner. It is very simple to use, take few drops of rice water and transfer it into a spray bottle and spray it well into your hair. Keep this rice water as usual for 30 minutes then wash it with lukewarm water. Keep your hair to dry naturally then comb your hair you will feel that your hair get conditioner and it will feel so smooth and shiny hair. 
On extra basis for better result for your skin and hair you can drink rice water this will boost your overall health because it contains lots of vitamins and minerals. So think twice before throwing rice water as it has several benefits for hair, skin and health too.


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