Get rid of dark and dry lips using simple method just in 15 days

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Get rid of dark and dry lips using simple method just in 15 days

Dark lips is the problem of every girl now a days. It is because of using lipstick, lip  balm etc. This all will help to look our lips for short time but we will see the side effect in long time. And that time you can not do anything so why not to be aware of that problem and find some valid solution for the problem. If you don’t want to face such a problem in future then choose verified products or just use this simple method for the problem. Exfoliating your lips on daily basis will help to remove your dead cells. Home remedies are good way of reducing dark and dry lip.

Get rid of dark and dry lips using simple method just in 15 days
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Material required :

  1. Beetroot juice
  2. Petroleum jelly of your choice
  3. Small container to store this balm

How make beetroot lip balm 

This is very simple method you can do this within 15 minutes. Squeeze beetroot juice from beetroot. Transfer this juice into boiling jar and put let it cook on low flame, now add some petroleum jelly into it. Mix it well to form thick consistency. Now let it to cool and then transfer it into a container. Now this balm is ready to use.
How to use this lip balm :
After making this balm you are ready to use this. When you are going to sleep just take few lip balm and apply it as normal balm on your lips. Keep this balm overnight and wash it in the morning with cold water. Take cotton and give gently massage to your lip so that it will increase blood circulation. This will provide you pink lip and remove dead cells from the lips. You can use your daily brush to remove dead skin. Just rub brush on your lips gently and then wash it. 
After using this home remedies on daily basis you will find some positive result just in 15 minutes. Go natural and use this remedies you will surely love it.

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