Lets know How zahir's family Reacted when, he told to marry a girl

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Lets know How zahir’s family Reacted when, he told to marry a girl

This year Team India’s speedster Zaheer Khan is bound to get married. On November 27, she is married to Bollywood actress Sagarika Ghatge. Both had posted photos on social media on 24th April. Their engagement was very secretly. But marriage is going to be a big fanfare. Both have started preparations for the wedding. In a recent interview, Sagarika and Zaheer Khan have made several disclosures about their relationship. Let’s know ..

In this way Mane Sagarika’s family :

Sagarika said in the interview, “Zaheer and both are Marathi. But they do not speak Marathi. At the same time Zaheer Khan speaks Marathi well. My home is a big fan of cricket. Zaheer Khan liked my house too because he knows how to speak good Marathi. My mother also does not speak Marathi, but when Zaheer Khan speaks in Marathi, she feels very good. ‘



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Zaheer Khan’s house had seen Chak De India again :

Zaheer Khan also told how he celebrated his family for marriage. According to him, “When I told my family about Sagarika, they first saw Chak Di India’s CD Mangaii and saw the whole movie. After which he said yes to the marriage. ‘


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Have spent a lot of time :

Zaheer Khan-Sagarika has dated one another for a long time. Both Yuvraj Singh and Hedgeh were also seen together for the first time. After which things started to happen. Both were together in the whole marriage and also had enough fun. Not only that, he was also seen on the ground to support Zaheer Khan in the IPL.


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Who are sagarika Sagarika:

models and actresses are. His first film was Chak De India in which he became a hockey player. The film was a hit and they got recognition in Bollywood too. After that Sagarika did 7 movies and she did not get the recognition as she had got in Chak De India. Talking about Zaheer, he is the star bowler of Team India. 2011 World Cup champions are also part of the team.

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