Lets know About “5 Dreams” Of Prime Minister Modi

On the occasion of most prestigious festival of 15 th aug,PM modi discuss about 5 dreams which he holds.Take the hundred and fifty million people of the world, from Purushartha, sacrifice and penance, we have to make New India. PM had his views on the matter of Gorakhpur incident, Kashmir case and three divorces. At the beginning of the speech, the PM expressed grief at the incident while referring to the Gorakhpur incident. During this time, he was talking about resolving the Kashmir problem and trying to solve it.

The PM said that the Kashmir problem will not be resolved by the gang, and not by abuse, but by mutual intercourse. He said that we will all make an India where the poor has a strong house, electricity and water. Stalking on corruption, the Prime Minister said that 400 companies were operating at the same address. There will be no compromise with corruption. He told that black money has come out after the ban on bondage. For the poor, young people of the country, I have started the fight against corruption.

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Narendra Modi, Bharat Spoke From The Ramparts Of The Red Fort, India Capable of Defeating All Enemy 

Within three years, we caught and surrendered more than Rs 1.25 billion worth of black money. More than two million crores of rupees are in the circle of doubt. We are taking the country on a new path of development and are moving fast. On this occasion, the Prime Minister mentioned India of his dream. He mentioned his six dreams with the ramparts of the Red Fort. As well as told the nationals, without these dreams these dreams will not be fulfilled without you. Read about the five dreams of PM Modi ..

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5 Dreams Of PM Modi :-

  • We will create an India which will be clean, healthy and fulfill the dreams of Swaraj.
  • We will create such an India where there will be no compromise with corruption and nepotism.
  • We will create an India where youth and women will get plenty of opportunities to fulfill their dreams.
  • We will create such a nation, where the farmer of the country will not sleep in peace, will sleep, he will earn twice as much as he is earning.
  • We will create such an India, where the poor will have a solid house, electricity will be, water will be there.
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