Laws That Do not Follow Queen Elizabeth-II

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There is no requirement of Queen Elizabeth II as she has now become the longest ruling ruler of the world. She has been queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand since 1952. Since today’s time, royalties hold the highest power at this time, where their earnings have become relatively low. But there are still some laws that do not follow Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth II can break any law :

It looks like a total party! The Queen of England can actually break any law, which literally means. He can break a signal, he can buy. Apart from this, he can take a private property by robbing legally in the case of National Emergency. He can print the cash (he has his cash machine in Buckingham Palace) Apart from this, he can legally lie about his age and whatever birthday party he wants.Apart from this, he can steal children, rob a bank, and even kill a person in cold blood and can be away with it. Of course, he has not done any of these things, at least none of us know.

 Can not be sued or prosecuted :

If you ever want to sue the Queen legally, then it is not above the law, it is not a good idea! He can not be sent to jail and there is no need to provide any evidence in the court of law. All this also applies to international level.

Queen Elizabeth II can Reject Laws :

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When the law is passed through the Parliament and the House of Lords, it comes to the queen for the consent or acceptance of the queen. Whether he can make it a law of the UK or not, it is entirely under his authority; he can only reject the law he does not want to apply; But it probably will not happen because the last time the British ruler refused to resign, in 1708, when the Queen refused to settle the militia in Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth II can start a War :

The Queen has the right to declare war and refuse to make peace with any country in the world. The cases of declaration of war are usually done by Parliament but this can not happen without the Royal Approval.If a queen announces war with America tomorrow, she could actually do so on legal rules and the nations living by her will be in war with America. If he wants, he can also legally blow Australian or Canadian government. (In 1975 he fired Australian Prime Minister.

No Tax :


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All earning classes will have to pay taxes with their earnings but not the queen! Although the queen is paying taxes voluntarily since 1992. Now it is very generous and patriotic.

Exempted from giving out information :

There is the freedom to request information like a democratic society such as England, press and the public and to ask the appropriate questions about the various ongoing circumstances. On the other hand, the royal family has used their power to stop any such act of freedom; Thus, the queen kept her and family affairs private.

She Can Eat a Swan and own pet Dolphin :

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Hunting in the United Kingdom is also illegal, so eating will have serious consequences, but not for the queen! In the United Kingdom, the queen of Hans is preserved by the defenders, while she is the owner of all unremarkable and silent Swan on the banks of River Thames. He still maintains ownership of freedom to fill his favorite food of roasted goose and fill the favorite food.So, if you have ever longed for bird meat while living in the UK, go for a chicken or a pigeon, or turkey or possibly a pheasant, but never a swan! Owners of dolphins are also illegal because the queen is the owner of all whales and dolphins that floats in Britain’s water.

No Driver’s Licence :

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Since all the driving licenses are issued in the UK in the name of Queen, so it may seem unfair that if she has issued the license herself? This does not make the Queen a cruel driver! He operated an ambulance in World War II.Also, when Prince of Saudi Arabia toured in 1998, he drove it around the property in his Land Rover. Some say that it was a step to ignite women’s rights, because women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Well made instantaneously.

No Speed Limit :

The Queen also has to adhere to everyone who has this perk to drive around in the speed of desires that may exceed the speed limit. Her late sister, Princess Margaret, did not have this privilege and once said that Elizabeth likes to drive very fast. Nowadays, the Queen drives around her property.

Queen Elizabeth II do not require a passport :

Queen Elizabeth is one of the fists of the world, who do not need to travel to nearby places. Like most driver’s licenses, all British passports are issued by her Royal Magistrates, so she definitely does not need anyone for herself, while packing her bags to travel, passport is one thing that she Can forget.

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