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Launches Campaign ‘Ready to work with opposition to remove BJP in 2019’ : Mamata Banerjee

Quit India Movement 75 anniversary on Wednesday, Chief Minister mamata Banerjee ‘ choro ‘ campaign of BJP Bharat and save ‘ the nation ‘ move raised the BJP, he said democracy in the country and dharmnirpeksh tavad.

Quit India movement on Wednesday 75 anniversary of Chief mamata Banerjee ‘ choro ‘ BJP the BJP campaigned and Bharat careers, save the country ‘. West midnapur district, addressing a gathering in MAMTA said the country democracy and secularism are in danger and his party in the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP 201 9 out will work with all opposition parties.

“The Central Government to take away the rights of the people of the country. The freedom and people’s rights are threatened. The voice of the opposition is being suppressed. The BJP’s NDA Government buckled trying to split the country and rule under any safe. But we will not allow it. 201 9, our slogan ‘ choro ‘ India BJP (BJP quit India). We are United to fight against the BJP to work with all parties. After starting the campaign, mamata said she continues until September 5.

MAMTA has alleged that Central Government agencies such as the CBI, ED is using against those who voice threatening to take. “They Ed, CBI and are threatening everyone with income tax but we are not afraid of it. It hasn’t become government agencies and agencies. ”

MAMTA has also reported that he later this month RJD in Supremo laloo Prasad Yadav Patna has been called by the rally will include and in tribal (Adivasi) and will fight for the rights of backward classes.

Claims that the Dalit and tribal “crocodile tears” for the BJP were shedding, mamata said, “on the one hand, Moscow will encourage rape and the other leaders will have lunch in the homes of the Dalits. These two things cannot be together.”Head of the Trinamool Congress has vowed to be the” creeps “CPM and alleged that the party’s” secret understanding “with the BJP. He the BJP and CPM to provoke unrest in the Darjeeling hills to try also alleged. “A party of people who corrupt the CPM double complies with the standards. When they are on the hills, they speak in the Plains and the State that they speak separately. They have a secret understanding with the BJP the BJP and trying to divide our society.

They are also trying to provoke unrest in the hills … Darjeeling, terai, durso are our pride. They’re trying to divide Bengal. We will never allow separation, “she said.

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