Akshay Kumar smiled and speak at the clash on ‘Padman’ and ‘2.0’

Akshay Kumar smiled and speak at the clash on 'Padman' and '2.0'

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Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has made headlines about his two new films. On one hand, his film is ‘2.0’ and on the other hand, the film is ‘Padman’. Akshay had announced a few days earlier that he would release his film ‘Padman’ in January next year. Let me tell you, before this film was to be released in April. After the announcement of the release of the film by Akshay, there were reports that the release of ‘2.0’ would be further slipped but it was not being done.

On this case, Akshay Kumar said in an interview to a reputable English website that why he will clash his films. He said why would I clash my own movie with my film? Either ‘Padman’ will be released in January or ‘2.0’. When asked if the release date of ‘2.0’ is moving forward again, he said, ‘we are producing’ padman ‘and’ Shankar ‘, Rajinikanth and Lyka Entertainment are doing’ 2.0 ‘so that’s why If he releases this movie on Republic Day, then I will take my film’s release date forward ‘.

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On changing the film’s release date, Akshay Kumar said that he took this decision because the movie gets its benefit during the holidays. Apart from this, even if I do not release the film on Republic Day, there are many people who are in line to release their film on such occasions, so I thought why not take advantage of this opportunity. However, after these things of Akshay, it is difficult to say which of the two films will be released on Republic Day and which release date of the movie will be changed.

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