Lalu’s Daughter Chanda Remained Unmatched,She Turned 5 Thousands Goods into 5 Crore

Two other properties of Laloo Yadav and the Directorate of Enforcement and Income Tax Department have a rough look.

It seems that the troubles of Lalu Yadav and his family are not taking the name of the rest. On one side, where Biswas-based Lalu Yadav’s daughter Misa and son-in-law Shailesh can seal the Enforcement Directorate’s farmhouse, on the other hand, the New Friends Colony house may fall on the other side too.

A private news channel has claimed in his report that he has a report from Income Tax Department, according to which Lalu’s daughter Chanda has a partnership of Rs 5 crore in the property worth Rs 5000. According to the news, the house of the New Friends Colony D1088 is named after Chanda Yadav with a strong pratap and stunning. It has been stated in the report that there was no work in the AB Export Company that had bought this house. The money coming to the company was source bogs.

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It is being said that AB export had got five crore loan from five companies from Mumbai. But, these five companies were fake. Now the owner of the company is Chaswap Yadav, Chanda Yadav and Ragini Yadav, who became the owner of five crore rupees in only four lakh rupees. It has been said in the news that Lalu Yadav may also come in the wraps of this investigation because at the time all this happened, Laloo Yadav himself was the Railway Minister.

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Now we know about how lalu yadav getting trouble day by day. BJP leader susil modi Blasting one after one against Lalu yadav and on his family.Know about the allegations of Sushil Modi and the action taken against Lalu Yadav.

Allegation from 4th april, 2017 to 7th july, 2017

  • 4th april    :   Mud and Mall scam charges, many companies busted
  • 7th april    :   Alcohol accused Amit Kattal and Rajesh Katiy accused of handing over their company to Lalu family
  • 11th april   :  Liquor factory investment scandal exposed in Bihar
  • 13th april  :   Presenting document of land and property donation scam in lieu of work
  • 14th april  :   Demand for CBI, ED and Income Tax inquiry
  • 21st april   :   The name of the Delight Marketing Company was changed to Lara (La-Lalu, Ra-Rabri) Projects Pvt. Ltd Busted
  • 22nd april :  AB Exports Pvt Ltd busted on the lines of Delight Marketing, AK Infosystem
  • 24th april  :  Deputy Chief Minister M. Chakshi’s expose of 98 percent shares in AB export
  • 26th april  :  Koli Singh, Raghunath Jha and Prem Gupta, among other politicians, highlighted the case of Bhola Yadav being made a witness in the Registry of every land.
  • 29th april :  Questioned about property gifting only to Lalu Kunabi by Prem Gupta, Raghunath Jha and Kanti Singh
  • 30th april :  Question about building environment clearance, Bihar’s biggest mall without costing Rs 750 crores
  • 3rd may    :  Deputy Chief Minister Tejasvi Yadav questioned the investment of only five lakhs to become the company’s owner of 115 crore
  • 5th may    :  Petrol pump allocation and land lease rigging
  • 9th may    :  To save Lalu Yadav, former CBI Director Ranjit Sinha, Sonia Gandhi, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Jharkhand High Court Manipur High Court Chief Justice Rakesh Ranjan Prasad
  • 10th may  :  RJD Supremo told Lalu Yadav to manage management system
  • 11th may   :  The Union Environment, Forest and Climate Change complains about the construction of Bihar’s biggest mall, which is being violated environmental rules.
  • 12th may  :   Lalu Yadav’s eldest daughter and Rajya Sabha member Misa Bharti and her husband Shailesh Kumar’s shell companies busted at a cost of Rs 100 crore in Delhi.

  • 14th may :   In the matter of money laundering, the question of surrendering in the prison, Surendra Jain and Virendra Jain, liquor trader Om Prakash Kaatil and Ashok Kumar Bantia, handed over to millions of land and entire company to the Lalu Prasad family.
  • 16th may  :  Another hawala operator, Vivek Nagpal’s company, KK Holding Limited laloo kunbe, handed over land worth more than 50 crores
  • 17th may  :  Health Minister Tajratap Yadav hid 45 crores of crores of land purchased in his name in Aurangabad in the manifesto? Under the Special Court of Bihar Act, when will Chief Minister Nitish Kumar take the Deputy Chief Minister, Rakshabai and Minister, Tej Pratap Yadav?
  • 18th may  :  Raj Bhavan march seeking removal of Raja Ramnath Kovind and demanding dismissal of Ravi Yadav
  • 19th may  :  PM Modi said, ‘Do not save the country’ are going to organize ‘Anonymous Save Money Rally’. Through the Rally, Lalu wants to save his unaccounted income from accumulated scams and RailMinism.
  • 22nd may :  Deshmukh challenged Deputy Chief Minister, Minister Tej Pratapap and MP Misa Bharti. If you have courage, then declare that the Anonymous properties of petrol pump in the newly constructed New Friends Colony, Bijawasan Sainik Farm, Aurangabad and Patna in Delhi are not hiss.
  • 23rd may :  Demand for CBI probe against Lalu family in MP-MLA co-operative society scam.
  • 24th may : MLA, Bhola Yadav and RJD spokesman Shakti Singh Yadav, in the Registry of all the Namai-Anonymous properties on the Lalu family accused of making witnesses.
  • 29th may :  Former Minister Sudha Srivastava and Finance Minister Abdul Bari Siddiqui also wrote the land of the co-operative society Lalu family.
  • 30th may :  Lalu has been accused of taking possession of five plots 207, 208, 209, 210 and 211 of the MP-MLA co-operative society as Railway Minister.
  • 31 st may :  Lalu was held responsible for commercial exploitation of the residential plots of MP-MLA co-operative society. Since then, when the railway minister was in, his zonal pay and account office of the armed forces (SSB) of the Home Ministry was going on in his land no. 208.
  • 5th june :  Deputy Chief Minister Stunning and Health Minister TP Pratap Yadav demanded action against Chief Minister in giving false assent to the government’s manifesto
  • 6th june :  Former Chief Minister Rabri Devi exposes bribe to take property donation from slain servant Lalan Chaudhary
  • 14 th june : Khalal worker Lallan Choudhary, who gave land to Lalu Kunbi, was exposed to being a peon in the Legislative Council.
  • 3rd july  : Complaint from the Election Commission of India for abolishing the assembly membership on the basis of concealing property related information in the election manifesto by Tej Pratap Yadav.
  • 4th july : Bada Pratap Yadav exposes 13 acres of land at the age of four years by Rama Devi, wife of Lalu Prasad’s minister, Brijbihari Prasad.

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