Know Each and Everything About Molestation Case of Aashiq Banaya Aapne, Actress Tanushre

Know Each and Everything About Molestation Case of Aashiq Banaya Aapne, Actress Tanushre

Tanushree raised voice against Nana Patekar in the 2008 case, again raised the issue of inappropriate behavior in the ongoing meeting. Supporting Bollywood legend like Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Khan and Hansal Mehta are supporting. Suppose, in the year 2004, Miss India won the title. Tanushree began her vocation in 2005 with the film ‘Aashiq Bana Ye‘. She worked in films like ‘Speed‘, ‘Dhol‘ And ‘Good Boy Bad Boy‘. The last time the on-screen character showed up in the film ‘Rama -The savior‘ in 2010.

Tanushree Dutta debilitates The Nana Patekar, send me a lawful notice and afterward discover that :

On account of explicitly striking 10-year-old rape by on-screen character Nana Patekar, Nana Patekar has made a few affirmations in the previous week. Tanushree Dutta has asserted that Nana Patekar had messed with her on the arrangement of the film ‘Horn OK Please‘ in 2008.

While there are numerous Celebas supporting Tanushree Dutta in the help of these allegations, Nana Patekar is making a legitimate move against him. In any case, Tanushree says that she has not gotten any notice till now. She stated, ‘Rather than giving me an empty risk to keep me calm, send me a lawful notice, at that point, you will realize what I do on it.’

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In the interim, Tanushree Dutta has said that neither one of them has gotten any legitimate notice from the performing artist’s attorney nor is he apprehensive of him, in the wake of undermining to send him a lawful notice after Nanda Patekar was blamed for lewd behavior. Tanushree stated, “I have a group of legal counselors to ensure my interests. Not at all like the Nana’s legal advisor’s case, I have not gotten any legitimate notice up until this point, so the ‘Bluffmaster’ Gogo is venturing out in front of his amusement here. should be expanded.”

In the start of this current week, Tanushree came before the media and blamed Patekar for pestering him on the arrangement of ‘horn approve please’ in 2008. In a meeting given to IANS, he enlightened Nana concerning the ‘falsehood’ on the set. He had stated, “He had called the laborers of MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) to harm my auto, he was behind everyone and he was supporting choreographer Ganesh Acharya.”

After these charges, Patekar’s insight had said that he would send lawful notice to them. Tanushree said that nobody can prevent them from talking reality and ‘the risk of lawful notice’ cannot threaten them.

She stated, “The present situation indicates how when a casualty talks, an ethically degenerate legal counselor encounters determined provocation and offenders to win a little name. The observers turn out and all the proof is to support me Despite being, I am undermined by Nana’s partner.”

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Tanushree stated, “This is the tale of innumerable a great many individuals in our nation, who are as yet sitting tight for equity since they are hauled into numerous legitimate pitches.” Tanushree encouraged the Indian equity framework to arrest Nana and her guidance and question.

She said in an announcement, “Both the legal counselor and his customer ought to be addressed. I encourage the Bar Association of India to make a move against them and make a move against such individuals who will help the general population for the sake of the law. We do.”

Suppose, in the year 2004, Miss India won the title. Vee Tanushree began her vocation in 2005 with the film ‘Aashiq Bana Ye’. She worked in movies, for example, ‘Dhol‘, ‘Good Boy Bad Boy‘ and ‘Speed‘. 

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