KGF -south movie leading cinema world after bahubali

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KGF Review after Weekend: Another Chapter Open in South Film Industry

Bahubali‘ was a super duper hit film produced in Telugu film industry and was released at world level in multi-language. The film did not just make history, but suggested a new way to set many records. Kannada film ‘KGF: Chapter begin’ released this week is also an attempt to win the hearts of the whole world, not just South India. It has been made in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi as well as in Chinese and Japanese languages. KGF i.e. Kolar Gold Fields,  Kolar, district of Karnataka is known for its gold mines.

The story of the film KGF has been weighed around these mines. Underworld is also a part of this topic. The subject was different, the story formula, but with its screenplay and presentation, the director Prashant Neel has caught the right direction, which will appeal to the spice film lovers.

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This film starts from 1981 and ends in the year 2018. We see how the greed of money and muscle makes some people so insensitive that they convert the gold mines in Kolar to a living crematorium. One such embarrassment, where people are forced to work in dangerous situations of mine. The weak and the sick are killed because they can not work. As a punishment, it is killed or hungry. On being hungry, people here ask for stories from a madman, so that at least the children of them do not cry out of hunger. The story of that madman often mentions a messiah, who will release people from the oppression of the owners of Kolar gold mines.

One day this Messiah truly comes. As the hero of the movie Rocky i.e. Yash was actually a don of Mumbai first. In childhood the promise of becoming a ‘big man’ from mother is doing it all. Yash comes with a special purpose in the mine in the garb of a laborer. After gradually looking at the oppressors there, his motive becomes bigger.

Talking about acting, if you talk about a big screen, the film like ‘KGF: Chapter One’ is almost entirely on the shoulders of actor’s achievement. As an actor, he is very confident, who wanted to play the role of Rocky. However, in the case of romance, he can not stay comfortable. Actress Shriniidhi Shetty is beautiful but she is raw in acting. An item song by Tamanna Bhatia has also been kept in the film for the glamor of the film, which is just fine.

The scenes filmed in the gold mine in the film have been extremely effective. It is said that in order to make these scenes effective, the temperature was really increased on the set, so that the workers of the cast would have to deal with the worries of heat and humidity. The first part of the film, which is mainly related to the life of Rocky in Mumbai and Bangalore, is a bit boring. But the second part of the film, which is related to gold mine, has become interesting.

The director’s special appearance is seen in his filming. Cinematography has made these scenes even better. Although cinematography of the earlier part of the interval of the film is also childish in many places. The film has a special background music that plays on certain occasions. It has become effective. There is a lot of violence in the film. In one scene, Hero Rocky, himself, is counting on himself that he just killed 23 people. Every 20 minutes is a scene of a killer and people are killed like carrots and radish. The length of the film is two hours and 50 minutes which is quite long.

However, if you like south Indian films, then you will love this movie. For his different style, another ‘Large Day Life’ for Heroes of Heroes. And yes, like the Bahubali, the second part of KGF will also come. The twist that has been left on, why did ‘Katappa kill Bahubali?’ It is not as interesting as it is, but it still creates an eagerness. The movie’s song-music is average only.

KGF: Box office collection after weekend DAY 5

According to popular film trade analyst Taran Adarsh, KGF made huge collection after Christmas. KGF got a good chance to touch a high point in business volume.

Public Reaction After Watching Movie -KGF

People liking a lot and no sad faces were seen outside cinema hall. All were whispering about the movie and shown interest about the film KGF. Now we will read public reaction below..

Watch Trailer :KGF


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