Kashmir Problem Will Be Solved By Hug Not Abuse : PM Narendra Modi

Targeting the people of Kashmir who are going through the turmoil, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday (August 15th) said that bullets or slanders can not solve Kashmir issue and it can be solved by embracing every Kashmiri. On the occasion of 71st Independence Day, the Prime Minister emphasized that in the 56 minute address to the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort, security is a top priority.He rejected casteism and communalism and said that violence can not be accepted in the name of faith.

In his address to the Red Fort for the fourth time, he called for embracing the people of Kashmir and said, “Negotiating will not change, with the change, the problem will be solved, by embracing every Kashmiri.” Said that there are various tricks to create problems in a few separatist states. But the government is committed to make Kashmir a paradise again.

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Modi said that Jammu Kashmir is not only the government but also the entire country with him to help fulfill the dream of development of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. This remark of the Prime Minister has come at a time when unrest and violence in the Kashmir Valley have been made for some time now. Stating that there is no softening of terrorism, he said that India’s security is a top priority for the government and the surgical strike has underlined it.

Modi said, “We are committed to bring back the old prosperity of the state, so I want to say that whatever is happening in Kashmir, there are allegations and counter-allegations about it.” While pinching on a handful of separatists, he said that he is adopting new tactics to keep Kashmir problems vivid.

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Modi also said that India’s status in the world is increasing and many countries are cooperating with India in the fight against terrorism. The Prime Minister said that India is capable of confronting the challenges of any front..jal, place or cyber sky. They said this in the backdrop of conflict with China in Dhokalam.

Modi had come here with half sleeves, churidar pajamas and Rajasthani saffas. Referring to the children who lost their lives in natural disasters in different parts of the country, and especially those who lost their lives in government hospital in Gorakhpur, he said that the whole nation’s sensibilities are with the affected families.He said that India is in favor of peace, unity and brotherhood and casteism and communalism will not work. He strongly condemned those who committed violence in the name of faith saying that it will not be accepted.


Narendra Modi, Bharat Spoke From The Ramparts Of The Red Fort, India Capable of Defeating All Enemy 

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