Journey From $20 to $20 Billion Where Habit Of Reading Plays Important Role

The reading habits of succesful person

In Some of the best achievers of the world, One thing is very common that is reading ideology.If you will cross check all the great personalities of the world then you will found one thing is very common that is reading books because while you read books Your mind going deep inside the book and your IQ level enhance.Inspite of all business schedule or works legends use their precious time in reading books.

From $2 to $20 billion

Two boys find a jobs at grocery store in omaha,Nebraska.Where old boys was suffering who belongs to poor family.He was suffering from great depression, Bred and sold hamsters for spare change.young boys was the grandson of store owner,who is busy with the schedule like odd jobs, selling chewing gum and selling coke bottle door to door.

After all days working they each used to earn 2 dollar every day.After some decades later, they would be raking in $20 billion in profit per year with their agglomerate,Berkshire hathaway.

 Here question arises like ” who were these boys “

None other than Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett.How did they become so popular investors of america as well of the others countries.Reveals to crowd of aspiring law students the secretes of their success.

“We always see people around the world who are not the smartest,sometime not diligent, But they are learning machine,they always use to learn topics related to their choice.They go to bed every night early but actually happens they sleep at midnight, Only because of they pursuing their dreams while reading”  


Hope you remember the Guy who were buffett’s investors career,He were used to read 650 -1000 pages in a single day.Now a days he too use their 80 percent time in reading books per day.

Buffett and Munger are not not only the legend who used to read this much.

if you will take out the top entrepreneur of the world, they also used their time in reading books. Mukki from the south of india and Sandeep maheshwari from northern India, Their story is more similar to each other. They both are not more efficiency in degree but they done many entrepreneurial work and got failed. One of the famous story about sandeep Maheswari, He wrote a book while writing a single book of management he learn many of books related to management. Finally he complete that book but Unlucky He wouldn’t be able to publish his book.That’s how  he learn many things about management.Now he became one of inspiration Business man from Northern India.

Bill gates, The richest man of the world and lifelong bookworm, He used to reads 50 book per year. And he used to visit different places and meet different people from the countries.In Spite of world richest person he used to read book daily to enhance his knowledge so far.

Similarly, Mark zuckerberg invited the whole worlds to join him quest to read a book every two weeks in 2015.

Want to go to bed early tonight ?

So here’s your day and your time, decide today and compete your dreams toning.Go to bed early make a habits of reading anything you really like to take out from your desire.Wish is everything for wishers. So make a Wish tonight and fulfill your wish after decades or sooner.




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