Is Nawazuddin Siddiqui spying her wife, Her wife broken silence,Now case seems to be clear

Is Nawazuddin Siddiqui spying her wife, Her wife broken silence,Now case seems to be clear

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Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has denied these allegations after his name appeared in the case of spying his wife. Nawazuddin tweeted Saturday morning, “Yesterday evening, I was helping my daughter build Hydroelectric Power Generator for her school project and this morning I went to her school for her project exhibition. I was surprised when the media Suddenly started accusing me.

Police response was very bad,Didn’t replied to summons

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s name came to light in this case when the crime branch of Thane Police dumped 11 people, who was leaking out the call data records illegally. Most of them are private detectives. According to the statements of some of the accused, Siddiqui had allegedly taken out the CDR of his wife’s phone by taking the services of a private detective through an advocate to monitor his wife’s contacts and locations. Police said on Friday that Nawazuddin has not responded to the police summons in this case.

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Wife Alia Siddiqui smiled

Now Nawazuddin’s wife, Aliya Siddiqui, has said herself, breaking her silence in this matter, that she is also very surprised with such news with Nawaz. He has written in his Facebook post contradicting these accusations that he is being forced to break his silence. Alia wrote in her Facebook post, “I am surprised by Nawaz, seeing the news that is going on in the media since yesterday.

Even before, there have been many types of things about me and Nawaz coming in the media. There were many things like saying that divorce from us would not be with us, but the news that was spreading from yesterday, was going to be astonishing for both of us and forced me to break my silence today.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is open minded

Alia wrote, The good thing that I have always enjoyed about Nawaz is that they have open thoughts. The more they like their space, they give the same space to others, and the biggest example of this is the religion of both of us. I am from a Hindu Brahmin family, while Nawaj is a Muslim. But Nawaz never allowed me to realize my different religion. Neither did I try to impose my religion on me. The same respects they give to my religion as much as they believe in their religion.

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There was also criticism about biography

Alia further wrote, She also had a lot of criticism about her biography in the past. Nawaz’s fault only was that he spoke the truth. There is no lie in them anywhere. But instead they were justified to understand them. My relationship with Nawaz is 15 years old. When Nawaz was nothing, there were many fluctuations in our love story, starting from a small house. But after a long relationship we finally got married.

Nawaz also touched the ambitions of his career. What was a little too short was that our two children were born from the birth of Sora and Yani.

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Truth will soon come in front of everyone

He further wrote, “This is the foundation of a strong relationship between us. The same thing has made him a wonderful person along with a good husband and father. Maybe even after celebrity, no stardom could dominate them. Even today he has the same old friends. There are only small hobbies. The same simple is his life. Nawaz is still the same person.

The truth is that the truth of the new controversy linked to the CDR will soon come out in front of everyone, I would just say that the blame imposed on Nawaz is completely false and baseless. Being a celebrity, he has been made a soft target.

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