A story of youngest lady sarpanch with MBA degree

A story of youngest first lady sarpanch with MBA degree

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If someone thinks having daughter is burden ? Then this post will realize that their thinking is absolutely wrong as in this section i am going to tell you that having a daughter is having pride on her.This is a short success story of LADY SARPANCH who is changing the structure of her village. Ok now let me introduce that lady sarpanch.

That lady sarpanch is Chhavi Rajawat who lives in Soda 60 km away from Jaipur.No such development was noticed from few decades so she decided to serve her village people a standard life style. 

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  • Studied at Rishi Valley School Bangalore.
  • Graduation from Lady Shri Ram college in Delhi.
  • This 38 years old lady holding MBA degree from Indian Institute of Modern Management,Pune where she topped.

In spite of having well qualified she choose her life of sarpanch in village rather than having luxuries life.When her life turned

In 2010 when she elected as sarpanch in Soda village. As usual many people where who criticize her saying she will not win having religious,gender,caste barrier but she won and in today’s date she is awarded as youngest village sarpanch having MBA degree.

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A story of youngest lady sarpanch with MBA degree
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Challenges she faced 

Even elected few months earlier she choose her responsibilities towards sarpanch.As Soda was officially declared as most backward area by government and unsafe water for drinking and for irrigation also.She started with improving the facility of water and many more.

She started with a great plan for basic needs like sanitation, self employed,education,roads,electricity,households etc for making village self sufficient and self reliant.

A story of youngest lady sarpanch with MBA degree
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According to few villagers they said,after electing Chhavi as a sarpanch she did lot of work for the village and many changes they have seen their such as electricity facilities improved,better education providing in the village,water purified and safe for drinking.

This story of a lady sarpanch who awarded as youngest sarpanch with MBA degree done a lot of work for her birth place.


She was awarded by late president A.P.J.Abdul Kalam at Technology Day Function in New Delhi. She was honoured as Young Indian Leader by IBN Live.

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