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Indian Flag Seen On Pakistan Govt. Website

Ashok chakra seen on the govt,chakra with the tricolour after hack of pakistan website. Its happen for a moment :

An official website of the Pakistan government was hacked on Thursday. After this, online pictures hackers allegedly posted posts of congratulatory greetings on India’s national anthem and Independence Day on the message board of the website. On the official website, a message was shown at about three o’clock in the morning, which was written, hacked by Ne0-h4ck3r.

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Hackers posted Ashok Chakra, also made in the Tricolor with the message of India’s Independence Day. Message was written, “August 15, Happy Independence Day. Freedom in mind, word and belief … and pride on this … we salute those who made it a reality.

‘After some time this message was removed. This cyber attack will be hacked by a support group of Pakistan to hack the official websites of the four major educational institutions of India- Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT, Delhi), IIT-Banaras, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and Delhi University (DU). It’s happened a few months later.

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