Huge investment plan of Intel on e-Sim technology..

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Intel planning for huge investment on E-sim and LTE technology (where e-sim stands for electronic sim as we were using in prepaid phone earlier AND LTE stands for Long Term Evolution ,4G network is also parts of LTE.

A day before Intel reveal, Planning of large investment made on the project of e-sim technology and said about upcoming telecom future. On other hand samsung and apple also were in competition for e-sim technology.

“Intel working together with Microsoft company to validate e-SIM-enabled always connected platforms with various carriers using the Intel XMMTM 7260 modem and Intel said about the upcoming Intel XMM 7360 modem”.

E-sim technology will remove the the problem of buying sim card from busy market and people will feel good, where not insert sim card in the cell phone.

There was a time when apple launched his ipad pro in 2016, which was included of embedded sim in the device.

Some important features :

  • No need of manual sim card
  • easy to use and its very user friendly
  • No need of sim card tray in the phone and people will save their time and money too.
  • portability will be much easier.and would take less time from present days eg.- Network porting from one company to other.
  • Company would make sure for provide best network facilities throughout the world.
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