Govt. banned facebook in kashmir, A guy launches his own facebook


In the last month of April govt. banned social networking platform after a huge clash among students.  Total 22 social media platform have been banned including facebook, whatsapp, twitter and so on, was more pointed.

During that period a sixteen year boy invented kashmiri version of facebook name KASHBOOK.Just within a 6-7 days of banned.


He belongs from anantnag district.He just appeared his 10th exam before a months and made a substitute of facebook and name them kashbook. Actually this kashbook was invented in 2013.Now after a banned kashbook relaunched in 2017. IN a whole process he got help from his friend ujjain jain and now they both wants to make carrier in computer engineering.

#Zeyan told, you can do all stuff with kashbook that actually you do with any social media platform like follows.

#you can add people

#you can chat and etc

#Apart from all these feature,you would use for marketing purpose like sell and purchase.    After a bane on 26th april,all social media platform  get shutter down, boy were using    facebook and all social media by using virtual VPN but now having own social media like kashbook.

Some important features of kashbook :-

  • According to zeyan this would be very helpful in promoting kashmiri products.
  • This kashbook site runs without using VPN so,it can’t bane.
  • It takes only 5-10 minute to get back,if the server is blacklisted.
  • It support kashmiri language for communication

After relaunching of KASHBOOK ,day by day user increasing due to have simple interface and Zeyan and his friends giving well support to users so, they can communicate easily using social media.

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