Good News For BlackBerry Lover : A New Android phone BlackBerry Keyone launching on 1 st August

According to blackberry users all over the world, this is the only company of smart phone which take care of all those aspects of security, gives continuously updates regarding security patches.All famous leaders as well politicians like Obama uses blackberry phone due to security purpose only.  

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BlackBerry’s last inhouse design phone BlackBerry Keevan’s launch in India has come to an end. The Press Inquote, sent for the launch event, states that BlackBerry will launch some on August 1 in India. It is not clear, however, that BlackBerry Keevan will be launched on August 1, but considering the invoice, launch of Kean is being estimated.

Please tell that BlackBerry KEYone has been prepared by the company’s hardware partner TCL. The first glimpse of this phone was seen in the Mobile World Congress in February. This phone has the same physical key board as the old phone but the screen is bigger than before.

Now will see how blackberry keyone plays role in indian market.This is first time made such phone by blackberry which have the wider screen as well with known feature of blackberry.



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