Facebook Plans To Launch Facebook in China,Let’s Have Story Behind

Facebook Inc. has found a new way for entry in China. Company is secretly launching the app with different names. The name of this photo sharing app is Colorful Balloon, which was launched in May. With the help of this app, Facebook will be able to enter China’s big market where it has been banned since 2009. This information has been shared by a person connected with this matter.

Facebook said that the goal of connecting the world with one another can not be complete without involving the world’s most populous country. However, the company refused to confirm the details, which was first published in an English daily.

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The company said, “We have said earlier that we are interested in China, we are spending our time and trying to understand the company in different ways. Our main focus is to help China’s business and developer, so that they can also find prospects outside of China through our Aid platform. “

Why facebook showing much interest towards china ?

Facebook is showing so much interest in China because there are around 700 million Internet users, which are currently using the native social networking app, in which V-Chat of Tencent Holding Limited is prominently included. Facebook’s chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg has made repeated attempts to woo Chinese officials.

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