Delhi smog: Varun-Parineeti also suffered poisonous air, photo shared and said…

Delhi smog: Varun-Parineeti also suffered poisonous air

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People have faced many difficulties due to smoking in Delhi for 2 days. Suraj was also not seen in Suraj, Delhi due to smog on Wednesday. It was also difficult for the people to go to office in the morning in Delhi and everyone started discussing this pollution in the air. The series started on Tuesday evening, after which the situation was bad on Wednesday. According to the Meteorological Department, this problem can remain for three to four days and it is also possible to dig more. Between this danger, some celebrities also shared their pictures on social media and tried to alert people to this pollution.

Varun Dhawan shared his picture by putting a mask on the face and wrote, “I have clicked this selfie so that I can show you all that what smog looks like. I do not have to explain to anyone because like every citizen of this country, I am equally responsible for this condition, but now instead of blaming each other and making the government responsible, let’s change it. It’s time to grow towards greenery.

Apart from this, many more Celebs have tweeted and have appealed to remove the solution of this situation in Delhi.

Let us say, due to this poisonous air spread in Delhi the government has vacated schools till Sunday. According to the Meteorological Department, the chances of the withdrawal of this smudge has decreased because of the air pressure. However, on Thursday morning, less than Monday’s smog.

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