Anushka is not the first love of kohli, Virat kohli reveals his first love and he loves her

Anushka is not the first love of kohli, Virat kohli reveals his first love and he loves her

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The news comes with the days of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. Sometimes the reports of both of them made the headlines, then they broke the headlines and then broke up. The news was coming in the past that both are going to get tied in marriage very soon and both of them could leave for Italy. Lekim Anushka has denied these things and has made it clear that there is no marriage scene right now. Right now the news was a bit cold that another news has caught hold of. That is Virat’s first love. Yes, the news is that Virat’s first love was not Anushka but the second actress of Bollywood. But how many truths are there in these things that Virat itself can tell itself.

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Some time ago, reports of Virat and Anushka’s breakup broke the fiance’s heart. But since the movie ‘Sultan’, both came again and today both of them are seen together in open-air parties and events without any hesitation. Virat now talks about Anusha without any shame. Even Kohli’s trip comes to Anushka in a free time. And not just Kohli but seems to be hanging out with the whole team. But in all these interviews, Virat himself told that he was a big fan of Bollywood actress Karisma at one time and wanted to meet him once.

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Virat said that after seeing the ‘judwaa’ of Karisma, he became fan and he loved them very much. They were uncomfortable to get their glimpse. But this love of Virat could not be reached and he got married to businessman Sanjay. But now Virat loves Anushka and speaks openly in the media.

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