Climate Change In The United States, The Trump Government Engaged In Suppressing The Case

According to the Federal Investigation Report, the US has been experiencing climate change in the past four decades. According to the report of 13 Scientists, found in The New York Times newspaper, it is common to run lu and cold winds are running low since 1980.

A scientist told the newspaper that the Trump administration will not let this report go out because the government’s approval is necessary before the report is published. That’s why researchers are upset. According to this report, emissions of greenhouse gases will affect mercury, which will lead to global temperature. However President Trump and members of his cabinet have opposed it.

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The report has not made any difference to the trump administration. He has issued notification for the exit of the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015. The Trump Administration has written to the United Nations in writing that he will be involved in the process of dialogue. Internationally, he was criticized in this matter. He said that this agreement punishes America. Millions of jobs will go away in the US due to this.

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