China parking their army in pakistan

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Nowadays china and Pakistan news on the edge of fire.China playing a big game with India. In recent news. It is found that china establishing their army camp in pakistan.They promise pakistan for any types of help regarding military,financially,and so on. But actually what is china we know well about from beginning to end china  is full of obsession game.

F U L L     F O R M     O F     C H I N A

C H I N A  :-  Communist Hackers In North America

China would hack you ,if you let them hack.As pakistan offering them to for hack.They really don’t know what they doing with the coops and finance.

China stood well Pakistan is under the harm condition from all other countries like USA,INDIA,RUSSIA and etc . And so pakistan goes under the palm of china and terrorist.

According to CNN- News18, the land has been procured by force by Pakistan army and reports claim that those who objected to it have either been killed or incarcerated without trial.

“Thousands had their land snatched and occupied by the military authorities and their agencies. Under this black draconian rule, nobody can raise their voices against the CPEC,” Wajahat Hasan, Chairman of the Gilgit-Baltistan Thinkers Forum (GBTF), told CNN-News18.

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