Child Also Sells Online, Confirming The Deal On Messenger, A Parent Earns Millions of Rupees

There is a lot benefits  for online shopping, you can buy clothes,food,apartments and etc. but shocking is to get money by selling baby online.If you think is it true that one can sell baby on these shopping websites. Then Its horrible true.Now a days selling baby on social media or shopping shite becoming trends in some parts of the countries.

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A young man living in Yangzhou, China, supported the Instant Messenger QQ to sell his child. In the name of ‘Nutrition Fei’, the cost of a child is about 40,000 yuan, or about 3 lakh 80 thousand rupees.

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Taking money in the name of selling two children from two different families, but handed over to the third family who took 60,000 yuan or six lakh rupees.

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However now this is the Kapal police. During the questioning, the accused parents told that they were not prepared for the fourth child. He said that he was not able to raise the child so he tried to sell.

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There are two different ways to adopt another child and to sell the child for money. Adoption process in China is very confusing. So the underground business of trafficking of children is increasing rapidly.

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